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Located in Waco, TX, Chapman's Bail Bonds is serving McLennan, Hill, and Coryell counties. Owned by Terry Chapman, our bail bonds firm guarantees prompt and courteous service in extending assistance.

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  • Payment terms available
  • Felonies, misdemeanors, and DWI's
  • 24 hour service

Our license number is #CB34.

1. Call your bondman every Tuesday (1-888-299-5179).
2. When you hire a lawyer, have them notify our office at once.
3. Do not leave the county without notifying your bondsman.
4. Pay your bondsman as directed.
5. Any changes in your case or information on your application must be reported to your bondsman immediately.
6. Failure to comply with the above rules may cause your bondsman to put you back in jail.

Contact Chapman's Bail Bonds today at 254-754-1603 for all your Waco, TX bail bond needs.
Also contact us at:
Cell phone: 254-733-7099
Automatic check-in: 1-888-299-5179.

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Chapman's Bail Bonds, 700 E Waco Dr Waco, TX 76704
Chapman's Bail Bonds
700 E Waco Dr
Waco, TX 76704

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